Swissline Hand Blender With Countertop Stand


Swissline Hand Blender With Countertop Stand

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Swissline Hand Blender With Countertop Stand

Product Info

The Bamix® Swissline is the smallest yet most efficient and versatile kitchen appliance in the world. Thanks to the various Bamix® accessories, the appliance is the ideal helper for a huge range of tasks. It can be used to chop, mince, purée, emulsify, mix, blend, froth, grind, pulverise, grate and whip food. At the same time, the Bamix® is extremely easy to operate and clean.

  • Includes a multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater, wet & dry mill, polycarbonate beaker and recipe booklet
  • Dual speed setting
  • Two-fold insulation
  • Two-speed safety switch with soft grip 
  • Official tested safety certificate for various countries
  • All parts that come into contact with food are made of top quality rust-free materials, are odourless, tasteless and food safe
  • Polycarbonate beaker with snap on lid is heat resistant up to 150°C
  • Swissline counter top stand makes the blender easily accessible
  • Handy curly cord and rubberised switches
  • Includes a Bamix Swissline countertop stand
  • Heavy-duty 200W AC motor

The dynamic assistant in every kitchen

  • Multi-purpose blade shreds, chops and blends everything including frozen food and ice cubes
  • Strains vegetables for chunky or smooth soups and sauces, purees baby food, mixes doughs for cakes, biscuits or pancakes, and liquidises fruit and berries for sweets and jams
  • Whisk stirs and creams pancakes, omelettes and batters, mashes potatoes and emulsifies salad dressings
  • Beater whips up mousses, egg whites and cream, and blends sauces
  • Wet and dry mill for dry ingredients like grinding spices like whole nutmeg, bread crumbs, coffee grinding and liquids like very quick pesto, butters, hummus and grating cheese
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  • Power: 200W
  • Dimensions: 35.1cm x 11.9cm x 6.1cm
  • Weight: 950g
  • Beaker capacity: 900ml
  • Setting 1: 13,000 rpm
  • Setting 2: 18,000 rpm


  • This product comes with a 2 year guarantee on the motor and a 20 year service warranty