Original SimmerMat Heat Diffuser


Original SimmerMat Heat Diffuser

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Original SimmerMat Heat Diffuser

Product Info

The SimmerMat is a handy, neat heat diffuser that sits on top of your cooking plate, evenly distributing the heat to create a perfectly controlled cooking temperature. Whether you're making hearty stews, sauces or slow-cooked desserts, the SimmerMat is ideal for any kind of slow cooking where a consistent cooking surface is key. 

  • Heat diffuser plate that fits on top of your cooking surface to create an evenly distributed heat source
  • Replaces the need for slow cookers, double boilers and rice cookers
  • Controls the temperature for long slow cooking
  • Can be used on any cooking surface
  • Simply bring your food to temperature, remove the pot from the stove and turn down the heat, then place the SimmerMat over the heat source and position the pot on top of the mat and put a lid on to retain moisture
  • Ideal for cooking soups, casseroles, rice, oats, milk desserts, sauces, melting chocolate, toffee, and condiments like chutney, pickles and relishes
  • Dishwasher safe
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  • Dimensions: L 20.5cm x W 20.5cm x H 2mm
  • Weight: 325g

Product Care

  • For glass, ceramic or induction cookers, place the mat on the cooking surface points down
  • For gas, electric or solid fuel cookers, place the mat on the cooking surface points up
  • Do not preheat the SimmerMat
  • Do not leave the SimmerMat on a heated element without a pot on top

Warranty Info

  • This product comes with a 1 year warranty