Biltong King & Food Dehydrator


Biltong King & Food Dehydrator

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Biltong King & Food Dehydrator

Product Info

Make home preservation your thing, and create perfect dried fruit and meats for the whole family. With drying rods and racks included, you can make delicious dried goods at home.

  • Biltong maker and food dehydrator
  • Hanging rods for biltong and droewors
  • Drying shelves for fruit and vegetables
  • Light fitting to reduce moisture
  • Continuous airflow to speed up drying
  • Easy to assemble design
  • Comes with 8 plastic drying hooks
  • 40 watt candle lightbulb can be bought separately to speed up drying, but the machine will work without it
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  • Power: 16-116W
  • Weight: 2.86kg
  • Dimensions: L 50.5cm x W 9.5cm x H 32cm


  • This product comes with a 2 year warranty (1 year retail plus 1 year extended)