Reusable Non-Stick Oven Protector


Reusable Non-Stick Oven Protector

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Reusable Non-Stick Oven Protector

Product Info

Make looking after your oven and microwave easier with the NoStik Oven Protector that features a Teflon non-stick coating on both sides. Say goodbye to splashes and baked-on food and be amazed at how clean your oven tray and bottom can stay. The NoStik Oven Protector ensures that you no longer have to scrub your oven or microwave to remove baked-on food remnants.

  • Non-stick oven and microwave protector sheet that is reusable on both sides
  • Keep your oven floor clean, no more hard scrubbing
  • Easily cut to size
  • Heat resistant up to 260°C
  • Easy to clean for reuse
  • Made in Belgium
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  • Dimensions: L 60cm x W 40cm

Care Instructions

  • Dishwasher safe, or wash in warm, soapy water