Reusable Non-Stick Frying Pan Liner


Reusable Non-Stick Frying Pan Liner

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Reusable Non-Stick Frying Pan Liner

Product Info

NoStik represents a wide range of non-stick products, such as reusable baking and protective sheets, shelves, trays and bags. The non-stick properties help maintain a healthy lifestyle and as they are reusable, they help save money and reduce waste.

The NoStik Frying Pan Liner turns every pan into a brand new pan with a perfect non-stick coating and is ideal for breathing new life into old pans. The reusable sheet is coated on both sides with an extra-tough Teflon non-stick coating, making it the ideal base for frying, but also baking, roasting and grilling without your food sticking to the surface. The liner can also make a significant contribution to a healthy and balanced diet because the excellent non-stick coating means there is no need for butter and other fats.

  • Reusable non-stick frying pan liner
  • Suitable for use in all types of pans and cooking pots
  • Reduces usage of oil or butter
  • Heat resistant up to 260°C
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in Belgium
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  • Diameter: 26cm

Care Instructions

  • Dishwasher safe, or wash in warm, soapy water