Copper Briki Turkish Coffee Pot

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Copper Briki Turkish Coffee Pot

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Copper Briki Turkish Coffee Pot

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These stovetop coffee pots, that go by many names (including ibrik, briki or cezve), are traditional coffee makers- a proud and dignified culture in the Middle East and Mediterranean. They work very simply by bringing finely ground coffee to a very slow boil on a stove.

The result- a somewhat unfiltered espresso- strong and concentrated with the sediment settled at the bottom. The flavours that an ibrik brew brings out can be quite different from espresso, both due to the method of extraction, and the brew ratios typically used. Enhance the aromatic qualities of coffee- It's a wonderful way to rediscover your favourite beans.

  • Copper hammered turkish coffee pot with an embossed brass handle
  • Polished copper exterior
  • Suitable for use on all heat sources, excluding induction
  • Handwash recommended
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  • 160ml: D 6cm x H 8.4cm
  • 200ml: D 7.7cm x H 9cm
  • 580ml: D 10cm x H 12.5cm