Splatter Guard, 32cm


Splatter Guard, 32cm

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Splatter Guard, 32cm

Product Info

Keep your stove, microwave, and countertops clean with this NoStik splatter screen. Made of a heat-resistant Teflon fabric, the splatter screen keeps grease contained when you fry bacon, sausages, potatoes, and more. The perforations in the mesh help to vent moisture from the pan. Microwave safe, the lightweight screen is also suitable for keeping splatters contained in the microwave or use it as a pot protector between stacked pots.

  • Non-stick mesh splatter screen
  • Avoid fat splattering, messing on countertops and burning your hands
  • Reusable and can be cut to fit smaller pans
  • Heat resistant to 260°C
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Belgium

Since 1990, NoStik products have been manufactured in Belgium, proudly guaranteeing quality and innovation. A recognised name in all non-stick application. NoStik products aim to facilitate cooking that is healthy and low mess with products that are durable and affordable.

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  • Diameter: 32cm

Care Instructions

  • Dishwasher safe, or wash in warm, soapy water